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2008 - 2017 Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen Signal Bulb Replacements

The Blinker is blinking fast! What to do?!


How to know your blinker has stopped working?

When you are driving and turn on a signal it will not do the regular tick–tick–tick, it goes really fast tick-tick-tick-tick. You can do a visiable check when you are able to pull over safely.

What bulb do you need?

Lordco Autoparts gave us 4157NA - LLB2 and it worked. I don’t know if LLB2 matters but the first string of numbers is what to look for. We bought Phillips brand because that is what they had.

How to change:

  1. Open hood
  2. If on the right side, unhook the washer fluid plug so you can get your hand behind the light
  3. Find the light with wires, turn it counter clockwise (lefty loosey) till you hear a click
  4. Pull it out, now you have access to the bulb
  5. There is a little clip holding in the bulb, we used a tool to push it in and get the bulb out
  6. Once out, give the socket a few blows to get any dust out and put in the new bulb and see it snap in
  7. Reassemble, push the bulb and socket back in and turn to the right or clockwise
  8. Re-attach washer fluid if you took it out
  9. Turn on car and test
  10. Well done! Now you are ready for a well deserved beverage.