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A Complete Guide on the Fundamentals to Off-Road Driving by Paul Sinkinson



Off-Road Discovery has partnered with Paul Sinkinson at Xplorability and we are excited to share a series for learning the fundamentals of 4WD off-roading. All of the materials of Off-Road Driver Training were created by Paul Sinkinson, a 4wd Defensive Driver Training Consultant/Trainer and Programme Developer.

Originally this 4WD guide was written for and formed part of the Xplorability RoadSafe and TerrainSafe professional training programme designed for companies and contractors operating in mixed terrain conditions around the world to improve the knowledge of their driving teams, accident prevention and a reduction in vehicle wear and tear.

Paul has been involved with 4wd Transport for over 50 years and a Professional 4wd Training Consultant/Trainer for the past 20 years. This information is for both “Newbies” to 4wd Adventure and the old hands. Off-Road Discovery is very excited to partner with Paul in this series and share his knowledge and experience with the 4WD community.

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Training Modules:

VEHICLE BASICS: Geometric Limitations of Vehicle

SAFETY: Hazard, Identification, Safety Environment

ABS/TC/HDC: Land Rover Discovery 2 Automatic and Manual Guidelines

ASCENTS: Ascending Hills and Slopes

DESCENTS: Descending Hills and Slopes

MUD and RUTTS: Uphill and Down Dale

GRAVEL: Gravel and Country Roads

ROLLOVERS: On-Road Rollovers

ROLLOVERS: Off-Road Rollovers

SAND: How to Drive on Sand Without Getting Stuck

SNOW: Guidelines to Driving on Snow and Ice

DITCH CROSSING: How to Cross a Ditch With or Without Air Suspension

ROUGH AND ROCKY: Rough and Rocky Terrain

WATER: 4x4 a Water Crossing

RECOVERY: High Jack Lift, Airbag, Snatch



Paul is an author of two fiction books, please support his work here.

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