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Land Rover Discovery 2 - Air Suspension

How to use Disco 2 air suspension



Land Rover Discovery’s are well known for their Air Suspension which works with the Land Rover Self Leveling Suspension (SLS) system. Love it or hate it, if you have air suspension you will want to know how to use it.

Controls for Air Suspension and Next Generation Driver

Land Rover Discovery Suspension Controls

  • White Land Rover Image with Arrow Up: is the suspension Lift button
  • Yellow Oval with Red Land Rover: is the Hill Descent Control (HDC) button
  • Vehicle Key / Remote Fob / PLIP: your PLIP may have a suspension lowering button

Land Rover Discovery 2 Air Suspension

Land Rover Air Suspension consists of two Air Bags (balloons), one at each rear wheel. There are no Air Bags at the front. The vehicle dashboard buttons can raise the Air Bags for off-road ground clearance and lower them back to normal driving height. The dashboard buttons cannot lower the Air Bags, this can only be done if you have a PLIP with the suspension lowering button. These can be purchased if you do not own one. You may want to lower your suspension for attaching a hitch, boat, trailer, etc and in some off-roading conditions.

How to Engage Air Suspension

  • This feature will only work if the doors are closed.
  • If your vehicle has air suspension you can press the white “Lift” button under the yellow HDC button and this will raise the rear of the vehicle circa 4 inches (100mm).
  • A warning light will appear on the dash panel and flash until it is at full height.
  • Be aware as the rear rises, the front will lower.
  • Press “Lift” button again and it will lower.
  • If you also have the “PLIP” set up you can also lower the suspension by the same amount at the rear, if you do the front goes up slightly. Reset to normal when finished.

Let the vehicle raise and lower and you will be good to drive!

If you air suspension has failed and you are looking into other options check out Off-Road Discovery’s Suspension - Out with the Air and in with the Coils article. If your air suspension works well for you it is recommended to change them about every 5 years.

Looking for parts or replacement, check out your local shop or you can order online at Rover Parts.

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