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Land Rover Discovery 2 Skid Plates for Off-Roading

Protecting the Land Rover Underbody with Armor



We decided to give our Land Rover Discovery extra protection with custom made skid plates. While off-roading we have had tree logs barely miss puncturing our gas tank and rocks dent our transmission pan. It was time to better protect ourselves while adventuring and when we often only have ourselves to rely on.

Land Rover Discovery Custom Skid Plates -  work done by ProActive Automotive Shop in Calgary, Alberta

Checking Out the New Custom Skid Plates at the Shop

We decided to get our skid plates custom made vs ordering and shipping them from the few companies that make them. We decided to go this route since shipping is a pain and the Canadian dollar is weak. But our customization choice largely came from seeing a local automotive shop owner’s off-road buggy that he made and we were impressed by his metal skills.

The Custom Built Off-Road Buggy That Wowed Us

Custom Built 4x4 Off-Road Buggy

Why did we install skid plates? If you value your transmission, steering system, fuel tank and transfer case and go off-roading to any serious extent you may want to consider protecting the underside of your vehicle.

We had 3 plates installed this round by Pro-Active Automotive in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We had previously ordered and installed a Terrafirma fuel guard we purchased a from another local shop, TRS.

Custom Skid Plates for our Land Rover Discovery

Front Steering Guard Skid Plate

The front steering guard skid plate was created from a slightly scratched piece of aluminium. Instead of it having a few scratches, which we wouldn’t have minded since it’s going to get scratched up anyways, Dean from Pro-Active gave it a nice design for eye appeal. One nicely designed feature of these skid plates are the attachment nuts. They are welded to the frame mounts so there are no free floating nuts to mess around with while attaching the bolts to the underside. The plates are easy to remove by one person if required.

Custom Made Front Steering Guard Skid Plate

Land Rover Discovery custom front steering skid plate

Transmission Skid Plate

Another great feature designed into the skid plates was cutting holes to help prevent the exhaust from cooking the underside of the vehicle.

Transmission Skid Plate

Custom Land Rover Skid Plates

Since we have an irreparable transfer case leak due to the systemic ovaling of the case around the intermediate shaft which if kept topped up with fluid hasn’t seemed to cause any issues other than a oil puddle in the garage we decided to have an absorbent pad placed under the transfer case between the skid plate. This keeps things clean and stops foul smells from oils getting onto exhaust and burning on startup.

The Absorbent Pad, Which We Dubbed The Pillow Solution

Land Rover Discovery 2 Custom Skid Plates

Transfer Case Skid Plate

Under Armor Installed!

Skid Plates for Off-Roading

Terrafirma Fuel Guard (self installed)

Terrafirma Fuel Guard Fresh Out of the Box

Terrafirma Fuel Guard for a Land Rover Discovery

The Fuel Guard didn’t line up with our bolts as required so we had to widen the bolt holes to make it fit. Our Land Rover Discovery’s original skid plate is next to the new in this photo. It is significantly narrower and ours had rusted out holes where it should be protecting. Our kids love being involved in any vehicle modification - their own tools and a piece of wood makes great entertainment.

Drilling Out the Bolt Holes

Making adjustments to fit a Terrafirma Fuel Plate. Replacing the old narrow original Land Rover Discovery fuel guard.

Terrafirma Fuel Guard Installed

Land Rover Discovery 2 Fuel Guard

Good luck on your journey of installing skid plates, happy adventures and reach out if you have any questions.

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