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How to Use 4wd Low in a Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen

Maximize Power and Traction on Steep, Rocky, Sandy Terrain


How to Use 4L in a Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen

  • Stop to shift transmission into neutral
  • Turn dual to 4H then PUSH button in and turn to 4L
  • Wait for 4L indicator to appear in tachometer gauge
  • Shift to drive and proceed
  • Note: you can use your gear selector to select gears in order to limit the gear the transmission shift in
  • To get out of 4L the procedure is the reverse of the above

Full Explaination of 4L, 4H, Diff Lock in Video

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How to use 4L in a Toyota Sequoia

Image of 2WD/4L/4H Dial in a 2013 Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen

We wrote a more extensive article on How to Use 4WD Low Off-Roading which has further explanations and tips, we won’t repeat them here but is probably worth a quick review if you aren’t familiar with using 4Low. The article uses our Land Rover Discovery as an example but that’s not what’s important.

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