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Best Toyota Sequoia Highway and Off-Road Tires

Summer Tire Recommendations


Sequoia Summer Tire Recommendations

Our 275/70R18 Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Tires wore out, it was time to look for a new set of tires.

We drive in the City daily, every weekend on the Highways, and some Off-Roading (dirt roads, dry river beds, mud, middle of nowhere surprise conditions, etc). We have specific winter tires, Nokian Hakkapeliitta Studded Tires so we don’t look for all-season tires to work well in the winter. However, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, summer tires also need to be able to handle snow since it can still snow in May and June and as early as October.

Toyota Sequoia in ditch for bike ride Summer time fun = parking where you can

What do all of these varying driving conditions mean? We want tires that can do it all! This means we need tires that can handle the worst possible conditions but are also great for day to day pavement.

Many “off-road” style tires are loud and aggressive for pavement driving. Finding something for both off-road and highway requires some research. Good thing my husband loves to talk about tires because a lot of “research” is chatting with everyone about what they use and how they find them.

Why we didn’t go with Cooper Dicoverer ST Maxx Tires again:

They got REALLY noisy on pavement at the end of their life. We wanted to try something else that might not get as loud as they get older. This was wifes #1 request, less noisy tires.

Why we went with Toyo Open Country A/T3 275/70R18:

Toyo have good reviews and we had good success in past with them on our previous Toyota Rav4 for longevity. Our friends currently have them and drive in similar conditions to us and they have held up well on and off pavement. They have the right balance of grip and fuel efficiency. They are NOT noisy!

We also looked at the following tire options:

BF Goodrich All terrain TAKO2: we didn’t go with these after we heard feedback from our Toyota Service center that they are hard to balance on Sequoia’s.

Falcon wild peaks: are apparently a little heavier so fuel economy is not as good.

Hope this helps with your Toyota Sequoia tire summer tire shopping. Happy travels.