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Toyota Sequoia Winter Driving

How does the Toyota Sequoia fair in Winter?!



Canada has cold long winters, at least where we live. We make the most of it skiing, ice climbing, and adventuring outside as often as we can. We primarily use our Toyota Sequoia to get around and want to share our winter driving experiences to help others enjoy the cold months and stay safe on the roads.


What we do to Winterize our 2nd Gen 2013 Toyota Sequoia

Winter Tires

We have Nokian Hakkapeliitta Studded Tires. We also have these on our Land Rover and haven’t found a better winter tire. We only buy studded tires and some people have argued with us that they are no better than non-studded. Why you can have whatever opinion you want that’s BS! Those people haven’t tried them or don’t drive many wintery roads. Any winter tire is better than any summer but studded is defenitely a step up and appreciated by us.

Safety Gear

  • We carry a minimum of 2 sleeping bags
  • Candles, matches, firestarters are in our trunk
  • Flashlight, battery
  • Satellite Communicator we pay for this 12 months of the year as many highways we travel don’t have cell range - more info on our inReach can be found here
  • Snow shovel, windsheild scraper
  • Check out more tips by Paul Sinkinson 4x4 trainer here.

Roof Storage

We swap our roof-top tent for a ski box. Of course this lets us carry our skis but when we aren’t skiing we can use it to carry other gear that can freeze. We’ve even carried frozen meat - who needs a cooler when it’s -20C outside. We love ski boxes to free up internal storage. Our ski box opens towards the trunk vs the side which makes it easy to balance on the bumper and access.

Regular Maintenance

Oil changes, other fluids and regular maintanence is important! No one wants to break down in winter and it’s happened to us (in the Land Rover not Sequoia). Having that safety gear is the most important thing when break downs happen.

Toyota Sequoia 2nd Gen Winter Driving Compilation

How We Drive

  • The Sequoia’s are automatic vehicles but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive it like a standard. Gear shift down to help slow down on icy roads.
  • Use 4WD, you can keep it in 4WD you don’t need to switch back and forth. If you are on the highway remember slow down to at least 80kms and be driving in a straight line when you do switch.
  • Take your time and enjoy!