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Winter Car Tricks and Tips

Start Your Day Faster with These Winter Vehicle Tips



It’s hard to get out of the house quickly in the morning especially in winter when you need to shovel and scrap a vehicle off. Here are 6 tips for winter parking and prep so you can head onto the roads as efficiently as possible.


Video on these winter car tips if you would rather listen or watch than read:

6 Tips and Tricks for Cars in Winter

  1. Lift windshield wipers up so they cannot freeze to your windshield.
  2. Turn windshield wipers off before you turn off your vehicle so when you turn your vehicle back on they do not auto-wipe and get damaged if they were left down and froze to the windshield.
  3. Do not shovel sidwalks and driveways toward a car. It can build up ice in wheels or block the exhaust.
  4. Have your ice scrapper handy! Make it easy to grab at all times. At home we keep a broom by our front door to easily and quickly get snow off the vehicle roof and sides, way easier to use then a snow brush in our opinion.
  5. Use a remote starter to warm up the vehicle, especially when a thick layer of ice is on the windshield. It’s easier on the car and makes for much less scrapping time. You only need to turn it on for a few minutes usually.
  6. Don’t park where snow and ice can fall on a vehicle. This might sound like common sense but can be hard to do if you are looking for spots by a restaruant or cabin. We have seen car damage happen this way…fortunately not to us.

We hope this helps getting your vehicle ready to drive in the winter easier and more efficient! Safe travels.