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How to Dye Ski Boots

Love Your Ski Boots But Hate the Colour?



Love your ski boots but hate the colour? I did and I finally figured out an easy way to permanently change the ski boot colour with dye. Here’s instructions and a video on how to change the color of your ski boots.

How to Dye Ski Boots

People have spray-painted, used markers, and done bizarre things to try to change their boot colour. When the boots you want only come in bright white or pearly aquamarine you likely still get them for comfort and fit but you cringe at putting them on each time.

I saw Eric Pollard, pro skier and co-owner of Season Eqpt, post dying his ski boots on Instagram with Rit Dye More, and my mind was blown. It looked simple enough and turned out great so I bought 3 bottles of the dye and tried it myself.

How to Dye Ski Boots

Materials used:

Nail Polish Remover/Acetone (optional)

Used to clean the outside of the boots. This was quickly done with a few cotton balls so not a deep clean but took off some grunge. We saw other videos and suggestions on using acetone (which is nail polish removers main ingredient) with the dye. Eric Pollard didn’t do this and my gut said adding acetone seemed unnecessary or potentially bad. We only used it to pre-clean the boots.

3 Bottles of Rit Dye

  • 2 Frost gray
  • 1 Graphite

1 clean garbage can

Any bin your boots will fit in. Choose a bin that you don’t care if it changes colour.

Boiling Water

Enough to cover the boots in the bin. It took every pot we had on the stove plus a few kettles.

Boots Before the Dye Job

Of course I didn’t take an actual before image but are were white Scarpa Maestrale RS boots.

How to Dye Ski Boots

Video of the Process and Results

Dying Ski Boot Process

  1. Gather Materials

  2. Boil Water: boil enough water to cover your boots in whatever bin you are using to dye your ski boots. The better fit in the bin the less water needed, therefore less diluted dye.

  3. Combine Boots, Water, and Dye: pour hot water in the bin with boots, add the dye. We shook the boots around a little to make sure it was mixed.

  4. Wait: about 2 hours. Take out and voila new boots.

Finished Product

Interestingly the white turned a dark burgundy. There must be red dye in the gray or black mixtures. The color is almost exactly the same as my ski jacket so it is actually awesome. Happy with the result even though it was unexpected. I wonder what would have happened with 3 Graphite/black bottles.

How to dye downhill ski boots

Before and After

How to Color Your Ski Boots