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Overland Camping Rigs

Photo Collection of Inspirational 4x4 Campers



Every year while camping and traveling we notice unique overland camping rigs. These vehicle conversions include mind blowing designs to simple and practical.

Here is photo inspiration on what you might want to envision for your own set-up.

Inspirational Overland Camper Designs

Land Rover Defender Pop Up Camper

Defenders are sexy on their own, now you might just want to live in it full time.

Overland Custom Pop Up Land Rover Defender Camper

Mercedes Unimog Camper

We saw an article on them after we saw them in a campground. Now this is an expedition rig.

Expedition Unimog Camper

Overland Traffic Jam of Assortment of 4x4 Campers

When you run into another group traveling in a wild space you tend to stop and chat for a very long time about each rig set up.

Overland Community

Land Rover Discovery II next to Ford F350 with Truck Camper

Took this as a size comparison, now try parking that in a city.

Land Rover Discovery 2 vs Ford F 350 Camper

VW Westfalia Syncros Van

Maybe not ready for a washed out trail but still ready for adventure.

VW Westfalia Syncros Van, 4x4 and ready for adventure

Land Rover Disco 2 with iKamper Roof-top Tent

The journeys this windshield has seen…

Land Rover Discovery 2 with roof top tent, family camping

Toyota 4 Runner Limited with Gnome Home Off-road Trailer

Tear-drop trailers seem to be more common in Canada, we are seeing more on the trails and most look tough.

Toyota 4 Runner with Tear-drop Overland Trailer

Freightliner RV Conversion

Luxury RV or expedition king?

Freightliner Motorhome

Ursa Minor Jeep Pop-up Tent Conversion

Cutting off your roof and installing a pop-up tent is a commitment. This set up is sick. Until your wife gets morning sickness then you end up sleeping outside on a cot while your family gets the tent. True story.

Ursa Minor Jeep Rubicon Pop-up Tent Conversion

Land Rover and Jeep Overland Camp

Land Rover’s and Jeep’s can be best friends. Or at least the people inside of them. Also a true story.

Land Rover and Jeep overland camping

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Mercedes Sprinter van’s seem popular, at least on instagram and pinterest. They are appealing but the cost and maintenance while on the road seems less appealing. 4wd Transit van’s aren’t as sexy but maybe more practical?!

4x4 Sprinter van.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Overland Camper Conversion

Set-up for winter with backdoor ski rack.

Sprinter Van Setup for Skiing

This guy might live in the mountain bike parking lot we frequent often.

Grey Sprinter Van

Toyota Sequoia Lifted with Roof-top Tent

Toyota Sequoia Overland Camping Set-up

Now which style of overland camping rig is on your wish list?