Off-Road Discovery Off-Road Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Interior Upgrades and Additions

Making our adventure vehicle a little more comfy and usable



As I started to think about what we have done to the interior of our Disco 2 it didn’t seem like a lot at first. But then making a list showed me how all the little things seemed to add up.

Enjoying an off-road adventure with all of our little additions to make a more comfortable ride Enjoying some off-roading in a Land Rover Discovery

The interior additions to our Land Rover may be small but are very convenient. Can’t imagine not having these additions now now.

Cup Holders

We purchased extra cup holders for our Disco 2. They seem expensive when you think they are just cup holders. The cup holders sit on the center console and fit larger cups than the stock cup holders. They have a removable inside so you can also fit small cups. Cup holders are a small thing but they are used every day so we can enjoy both coffee and water conveniently on a trip. It seems like new car models have a ton of cup holders, our 2001 model only came with two in the front and two in the back armrest.

Land Rover Discovery 2 additional cup holders Land Rover Discovery 2 additional cup holders

AUX Cable

Our 2001 Disco came with a tape and CD player. Both were used often but not so much these days. We added an AUX cable through the stereo in adapter to the CD player to integrate Smart Phones or MP3 player. We bought this from Atlantic British and nowadays this is a must have for road trips and anyone with a smartphone…I know there are still a few flip phone people out there!

I have seen a few pictures of adding an iPad as the main console to older Land Rovers, neat idea but I don’t trust the longevity.

Shelving / Bed system

We made our own shelving and bed system for additional storage options and easy camping. There are lots of shelving and bed systems you can purchase but our homemade version has worked for years and we would do it again. For storage containers we prefer to use Rubbermaid bins to hold gear. This way we can just grab our camping bin or climbing bin and throw them in the car without having to organize drawers. If you are interested in how we made this system and what we used check out full article here.

Shelving system great for camping and for playing Land Rover shelving system best system for camping and storage

Floor Mats

Carpet floor mats should not come with any vehicle, yuck. I guess if you never walk in mud, snow, have kids spill everything you give them or step in something gross you didn’t notice until too late then carpet is fine. We love the fit and durability of WeatherTech mats and we have them in our Subaru but didn’t choose to spend the money on them. If you haven’t heard of them WeatherTech provides custom and generic fit floor liners. We ended up with what I’ll call a Canadian Tire special. In the end they are synthetic, easy to clean floor mats. Am I seriously writing about floor mats? Yes, because my car floors get gross. Especially when a kids milk gets spilled on the floor in the middle of summer. Being able to take out car mats easily to wash while on the road is a small pleasure.

Aftermarket Gauges

When the final engine was installed we put in a set of auto meter gauges to ensure all the vitals could be tracked real time going forward. The gauges included a volt meter, oil pressure gauge and engine temperature gauge. Full write up on the gauges here.

Gauges for ensuring all runs smoothly

We love to learn what simple modifications people have made to their rides, please share if you have any favorites!