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Samsung Gear IconX Earbud Review and How to Turn Off Biometrics

How do you listen to music during workouts, biking or running? We figured out a great way after one hack.



We LOVE music morning, noon and night. So having something easy to use while on the go is a must in this household. We’ve tried headsets, headphones and other earbuds and found one that checks most the boxes - Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds. We were having issues with the biometrics turning the music on and off when we got sweaty but we found a very simple hack to turn off biometrics and keep the tunes going.

Samsung Gear IconX Earbud Review and How to Turn Off Biometrics

We are not sponsored in anyway by Samsung, this is our honest feedback and opinion

What we like about the Gear IconX earbuds

  • Portable / Small with no wires
  • Good battery life
  • Case charges headphones when inside
  • Quite weather resistant
  • Synthetic ambient noise is very useful with touch of the side
  • Can store music natively which is good for running and exercise without phone
  • Secure fit and wind proof
  • Very good noise cancelling

What you don’t like about the Gear IconX earbuds

  • The touch function on side of the earpiece can be quite sensitive which leads to inadvertent touches which turn on or off music
  • Bio metrics sensor gets fiddly when you start to sweat which turns music off. Overcome with a small piece of duct tape on each ear piece over sensor

When we use earbuds

  • Cycling to work on road bike
  • At home
  • On a airplane as noise cancelling is so good
  • Running
  • Working out